Overrule Legal Meaning and Definition

Here is a simplified definition of the legal term Overrule.

Overrule (verb):

  1. In a courtroom setting, to overrule is when a judge decides not to agree with an objection made by an attorney during trial proceedings. This allows the trial to proceed as if the objection was never raised. For example, if a lawyer objects to a question being asked to a witness, and the judge disagrees with the objection, the judge overrules it, letting the attorney proceed with their line of questioning.

  2. Additionally, overrule can refer to the ability of higher courts to declare the decisions made by lower courts as void or null. This is typically in the context of an appeal, where a higher court reviews the decision of a lower court and decides whether it was legally correct or not. If the higher court finds the decision incorrect, they overrule it.