Incompetent Legal Meaning and Definition

Here is a simplified definition of the legal term Incompetent.

Incompetent (adjective/noun)

  1. (adjective) Pertaining to an individual or entity that lacks the necessary skill or ability to perform a given task or duty efficiently or professionally.

    • Example: "The newly hired employee was found incompetent as he lacked the necessary skills for the job."
  2. (noun) A person who is legally determined to be unable to handle their own affairs due to mental or physical incapacity/deficiency.

    • Example: "The court declared the elderly man incompetent due to severe dementia."
  3. (adjective) In the context of legal terms, referring to a person who is not qualified or fit to participate in a legal proceeding like a trial.

    • Example: "The defendant was deemed legally incompetent and was not allowed to stand trial."