Dismiss Legal Meaning and Definition

Here is a simplified definition of the legal term Dismiss.

Dismiss (verb): This term refers to a judge's decision to terminate part or all of a lawsuit without, further allowing the collection of additional evidence or testimony. This judgment typically occurs when the judge is convinced that the plaintiff is unable to provide adequate proof for their case. It can take place at any stage of a trial, whether before, during, or at the end. It may be instigated by the failure of the complaint to allege a cause of action, an opening statement, or an evidentiary development. Such a dismissal can be at the discretion of the judge or upon the initiation of the defendant. Additionally, if a lawsuit is settled, the plaintiff fails to provide enough proof for their claim, or trial strategy demands, the plaintiff can also choose to dismiss a cause of action. When a lawsuit is terminated against a party, it is said to be "dismissed".