Demise Legal Meaning and Definition

Here is a simplified definition of the legal term Demise.

Demise (verb/noun)

  1. (verb) The act of leasing or transferring ownership of real estate property for a fixed period or for a lifetime, but not indefinitely or permanently.

Example: The owner decided to demise his estate to his son for a period of five years, after which ownership would return to him.

  1. (noun) A legal document, often a deed, that conveys rights to real estate property for a fixed period or lifetime, but not permanently.

Example: He signed the demise, effective for the span of his life.

  1. (noun) An alternate term for death or end.

Example: The news of his sudden demise left everyone in shock.

  1. (noun) A downfall or destruction, often referring to loss of position or wealth.

Example: Poor business decisions led to his firm's swift demise.