Bill Legal Meaning and Definition

Here is a simplified definition of the legal term Bill.

Bill (noun):

  1. Payment: A statement that shows the amount of money that is owed for goods or services. For example, a restaurant bill lists the cost of food and drinks you ordered.

    Usage: "Please pay the electric bill before the end of the month."

  2. Legal Document: A proposed law that is introduced for debate in the legislative body. If approved, it becomes a law.

    Usage: "The senator introduced a new bill to promote renewable energy."

  3. Financial Instrument: A type of negotiable document, like a bill of exchange, which is a binding agreement by one party to pay a fixed amount of cash to another party at a predetermined future date.

    Usage: "He presented the bill of exchange at the bank for payment."

Note: In all contexts, a 'bill' serves as a written document, which details expectations or requirements and is enforceable by law or agreement.