Ancillary Administration Legal Meaning and Definition

Here is a simplified definition of the legal term Ancillary Administration.

Ancillary Administration (noun) An ancillary administration refers not to any aspect of the impeachment process, but rather to a proceeding in probate law. It is a supplemental legal process that takes place in a different location than the primary probate proceedings, often in a different state or country. This is typically necessary when a deceased person owned property in multiple places, and allows for the property to be distributed according to the laws of the region where it's located. Its purpose includes protecting the rights of local creditors and ensuring proper management and transfer of the property. This process is handled by an ancillary administrator - a court-appointed representative from the area where the ancillary administration is taking place.

Please note that this term has no connection to impeachment articles or the process of charging a public official for wrongdoing. These belong to a different area of law entirely.